Cherries On A Blacklist is a rock band currently located in Hamburg, Germany formed by Andreas (Guitar/Vocals), George (Guitar Vocals), Malapert (Drums/Vocals), and Gonzo (Bass). Three of the band members originate from Rhodes/Greece and one from Monterrey/Mexico. Gonzo replaced former bassist and vocalist Sebastian Knop in 2009.

The band recorded their first EP titled “14” in the summer of 2008. Their debut album “Lakafigo” was recorded in winter of 2010 with producer Olman Viper (Null Zwei Studios in Hamburg) who has worked with bands such as Caliban, Jupiter Jones, and Emil Bulls. In August 2011 the band founded their own label named “Grey Ham Records” and through that released their first single “Goat in the Yard” on October 14th, 2011. The single was followed by their debut album “Lakafigo” on May 4th, 2012.

“Lakafigo” was well received by the media (reviews, interviews, airplays, etc.) from all around the globe (Germany, France, England, Greece, Italy, Spain, Holland, India, Canada, U.S.A, Australia, etc.) .

The band has performed around Europe, and shared the stage with bands such as D.A.D, Die Happy, Ohrenfeindt, Planet of Zeus, One Fine Day, and Asteroid. In 2013 Cherries On A Blacklist headlined their first international show at the VIT Riviera Festival in Vellore, India.

In 2014 Cherries On A Blacklist, and producer Olman Viper started the recording of their second album “Glorious Days”. The album was recorded live at the famous Horus Sound Studio (Guano Apes, Emil Bulls, Donots, Paradise Lost) in Hannover, Germany.

One year later, George decided to take some time off from the band due to personal reasons. After careful thought, and consideration the role was finally taken over by long time friend Vasilis. On October 30th of 2015 Cherries On A Blacklist released “Barrel of a Gun” the first single of their second album “Glorious Days”. “Glorious Days” is planned for release in the summer of 2016.


Album Reviews

METAL HAMMER (DE, AU,CH) – Issue AUG 12 (Rating: 5/7)

Right from the start the double pack consisting of “Somewhere In Between” and “Refuse” are an example of what one could assume this quartet’s sweaty live shows could be like.

LEGACY (DE, AU,CH) – #79 Issue JUN 12 (Rating: 11/15)

However without a doubt CHERRIES ON A BLACKLIST have created an album that with its many creative impulses alone deserves recognition, especially the high level of musicality that has been put into it.”

OXMOX Hamburgs Stadt Magazin / Heft JUN 12 (Rating: 4/5)

Musically the “Cherries” present a debut which is lyrically and technically well rounded. (DE) (Rating: 7/10)

It’s more than pleasing that “CHERRIES ON A BLACKLIST” have laid down a relatively strong start with “Lakafigo”, and this without question. (DE) (Rating: 8/10)

In combination with rich and constantly changing vocals that all band members are responsible for in exception of bassist Daniel González, a very entertaining and above else surprising mix comes into being.



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