Monthly subscription rates

For a low monthly subscription fee, calculated based on the number of books you have online, your books will be listed worldwide.

Important: Once your application has been processed and your bookseller account is activated, monthly subscription fees apply immediately. The minimum monthly fee of US $25.00 applies even if you do not have any books online. Review Subscription Rates.

8% sales commission

An 8% commission fee is applied to all sales, including shipping and any extra charges. There is a minimum commission of US $0.50 per book and a maximum commission of US $40.00 per book.

External Payment Service Fee

A variety of payment methods (including credit cards) may be used by buyers to purchase on our Web Sites and these payments will be processed by our external payment service provider. For orders placed on or, an external payment service fee of 5.5% of the total item amount (including book price, shipping, and any extra charges) is charged for the first $500 ($1-500) and 3.5% on the subsequent value ($501 and beyond). For all orders placed on,, and an external payment service fee of 3.5% is charged. Minimum fees are as follows:

  • Purchase made from US $0.50 per Order
  • Purchase made from,, or US $0.90 per Order
  • Purchase made from US $0.90 per Order

The external payment service fee does not apply to orders where the bookseller accepts payment directly, such as by check, PayPal, or money order. Note: You must have a credit card on file to register.

Fees are offset against your sales, however if there is a balance due at the end of the month, we will automatically cause your credit card to be debited. We'll send you a Monthly Statement by email, including details of your sales, payments, fees, and charges.

Note that you will need to create a buyer account and sign on before beginning. If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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