We asked customers why they love AbeBooks


We recently asked our customers to share stories about why they love AbeBooks. From discovering long-lost childhood books, to finding affordable copies of textbooks, to supporting independent booksellers from around the world, discover some of the reasons why our customers love AbeBooks.

Ron from Omaha, Nebraska - "My Dad had told me how he enjoyed some novels when he was a boy that were set in the Minnesota territory during pioneer times. He gave me some book names, and the author, D. Lange, but that was all I knew. I tried for several years to look through books in used bookstores, antique stores, etc. With no luck. When I heard about AbeBooks, I started searching, and quickly found some of the titles he had mentioned. Since my Dad had passed away in 1995, I've been delighted to have this connection to him."

Eric from Lynn, Massachusetts - "AbeBooks is a community. I love getting books from booksellers in Texas who tuck a little thank-you note in the hard-to-find book of Jarrell's criticism, or from Minneapolis, where some previous owner inserted a notice of John Berryman's death into the copy of His Toy, His Dream, His Rest I bought from there. The feeling that one exists in true relationship to flesh-and-blood others is exhilarating here in the age of the screen. And I'm 35, not 1,000 years old. I just like real books packaged by real hands in real bookstores."

I adore the variety of books that Abe provides. Cracking open an old edition of a book to find a signature, library stamp, note, or doodle makes me smile. I wish I could show you the look on someone's face when I show them your website. Cheap books! Vintage books! Environmental and humanitarian causes! Truly a gift.
- Isabelle from Kansas City, Missouri

Brooke from Phoenix, Arizona - "I love AbeBooks!! It has been such a fantastic source for literature pertaining to my undergraduate degree saving me hundreds of dollars! After graduation I have found AbeBooks as an outlet to feed my book addiction in a sustainable and affordable way. I love that used books are available so that others are able to read the treasures that would otherwise be left to catch dust on someone's bookshelf or in a landfill. Did I mention the amazing deals and low shipping costs? I share this amazing site with everyone that I think would be interested because I truly believe it is a diamond in the rough of online book shopping! Keep up the amazing work!!"

Philip from Burnaby, British Columbia - "I discovered AbeBooks a few years ago and have been delighted to have access to books that are difficult to find in local bookstores, while supporting independent booksellers in various parts of the world. I have a particular interest in the Maroon people of Suriname in South America; needless to say, this subject doesn't have its own shelf in bookshops in my city! Thanks to AbeBooks, I've been able to collect some excellent books on the subject, as well as other difficult-to-find titles, at prices I can afford."

As a teacher, I love AbeBooks because it has helped me acquire so many books I could not find elsewhere, or could not otherwise afford. Thank goodness for AbeBooks.
- Nate from Barrington, New Hampshire

Lenore from New York City - "I don't know what I'd do without AbeBooks. When my library was destroyed on 9/11, I rebuilt with the help of AbeBooks. When my father-in-law passed away, I gifted his grandchildren with copies of his books - AbeBooks again. I have peace of mind, knowing my favorite books - in the editions I love - are almost always there for me as long as I can turn to AbeBooks."

Kathy from Chicago, Illinois - "I was delighted when I discovered AbeBooks. I teach a class at a branch of a university which has many students with little means. I buy many copies of a previous edition of the book I use in my classroom. I lend a copy to each student and at the end of the semester he or she can turn it back to me or reimburse my purchase price and keep it."

Olivia from Thousand Oaks, California - "I love AbeBooks because I am a massive bibliophile and I can get nice copies of books I want to own that are affordable too. It has expanded my reading horizons because they are so affordable."

Benita from Edmonton, Alberta - "I love using you because you connect me with hard to find books that I am looking for, particularly more academic titles and titles in the German language. I also love being able to purchase books via your site from local booksellers across Canada."

With six children, AbeBooks has been an absolute life-saver for our family! We can find books the kids need for school, summer reading, or just for fun, at a small fraction of the price of retail stores. Thank you for making the magic of reading become a reality for our family!
- Rebecca from Newberry, South Carolina

Rusty from Dallas, Texas - "As a writer-historian, I'm always looking for older, out-of-print books. Abe is my first "bookstore" choice to find exactly what I need at prices a scholar can afford!"

Adrianne from Virginia" - "I love AbeBooks because I have a child in college whose textbooks often cost a fortune. AbeBooks allows me to choose acceptable used versions that fit our budget and always exceed our expectations."

Kyrie from Urbandale, Iowa - "My husband and I are both big readers, got married right out of college, and then rather unexpectedly had five kids in six years. I've found so many books, even particular ones, for so little, and with, unbelievably, free shipping! I've gotten my sister and my Mom into it too now. Books for my kids, for Bible study, for me, any category and genre, and at a fantastic price. I am so thankful!"

I love AbeBooks because the prices are affordable and I'm able to find a lot of required text for both myself and my daughter who is also enrolled in college. Good for the mind and good for the pocketbook!
- Neva from Woodland Hills, California

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